5 Dairy-Free Snacks that Won’t Make You Miss Dairy

5 Dairy-Free Snacks that Won’t Make You Miss Dairy

We get it.

Finding good snacks that are dairy-free can be hard. You want to enjoy the same mouthwatering treats that everyone else does, without breaking out into an ugly allergic reaction.

Are we right?

Finding dairy-free options doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, there are several treats we found to be just as titillating, if not more so, than those with dairy.

Are you getting excited?

What if we told you we have five of the tastiest snacks for you to enjoy, that won’t send you running to the bathroom with indigestion problems? All of these are dairy-free and are sure to make you drool when you’re finished reading over them. We promise–you won’t be missing dairy after you’ve gotten your hands on these:

  1. Jolly Llama’s Sorbet Cream Pops – If you haven’t tried these yet, what are you waiting for?! These literally taste like they were made in heaven. It’s refreshing and creamy texture will tickle your taste buds, leaving you satisfied and smiling all day long. These sorbet pops are available for sale at any Whole Foods or Sprouts Market, so you literally have nothing to do to prep. Just pick your favorite flavor (whether you’re craving fresh, fruity flavors, or mint chocolate and caramel, there are several to choose from), and enjoy them on the spot, or pop them in your freezer until you’re ready to devour them later. They’re also gluten-free, have no GMO’s, and are low in calories (so you won’t be packing on the pounds with this treat either!) Want to know the icing on the cake? There’s no cleanup when you’re done scarfing it down! Hollar!!! (Yes, I know– that’s every mother’s paradise–a world with NO CLEANUP). You can thank us later.
  2. Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins – Where are all the muffin lovers out there?! ‘You ain’t tried nothin’ till you’ve tried this muffin! These low calorie muffins can be eaten at breakfast, or as a snack. They’re sweet, moist, and will keep you feeling fuller longer. The recipe calls for simple on-hand ingredients, and just a few minutes of prep. After baking only 20 minutes, you’ll soon be biting your way into the yummy brown sugar-cinnamon crusted top, and savoring every last crumb.
  3. Rice Crispy Treats – Bring out your inner child with this timeless treat. With only three ingredients, you’ll be biting your way into sweet, soft, ooey-gooey goodness in no time. This classic snack replaces the butter in typical rice crispy treat dishes with coconut oil, leaving you with a delicious dairy-free snack. Offer the extras to your kids and their friends, or deliver them to your neighbors. You’re sure to be everyone’s favorite person on the block.
  4. Chocolate Pudding – Say what!? Who even knew pudding could be made without dairy?! This particular recipe is vegan-friendly and is sure to please your sweet tooth. Your mouth will be watering as you taste this soft, creamy, chocolatey treat. You’ll never know it doesn’t have dairy in it. It’s the perfect way to top off your dinner. What’s even better, is you can freeze the leftovers into pudding pops! Can we say, “Winning!”?
  5. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – Pictures and words really just don’t do these cookies justice. You have to taste them to fully understand how satisfying they really are. In addition to being dairy free, these particular oatmeal raisin cookies have no eggs and no oil–a big win in anyone’s cookbook! You’ll be licking your lips after eating just one bite of these fresh, warm, chewy, soft cookies. And since it calls for very little sugar, you wont need to worry about slipping into a sugar-induced coma.

We know. We know.

Just stop right there. No need to say anything.

You’re welcome.

Now go try one! (And don’t forget to use this coupon off your Cream Pops!) Hurry!

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