Coconut Joy

Coconut Joy

We’re excited to now be offering not only the finest in fruit Sorbet Pops, but also the finest in Cream Bars!

Jolly Llama has risen to the challenge of developing a delectable, creamy, frozen treat that even our dairy-free friends can enjoy! We’ll be introducing these new and fun cream bars so you don’t miss out on the world’s finest Cream Bars!

Introducing Coconut Joy

We here at Jolly Llama value our fan base and have been listening to our customers’ needs for a while now. What exactly do they want, you ask? A refreshing frozen treat that’s light, creamy, fits their allergy needs, and brings them joy (hence, its name Coconut Joy). We’re confident we’ve created just that.

Made with real coconut cream and swirls of mouth-watering chocolate fudge throughout, Coconut Joy is exploding with intense flavors that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and chocolate cravings. See what makes these two flavors so appetizing:


Coconut milk is a tasty and healthy alternative to cow’s milk with a host of benefits on its own. Coconut cream is rich, creamy, and exotic. It’s a flavor that can’t really be described because it stands alone and is what makes everything else flavorful. “Yummm…is that coconut I taste in there?” You bet it is!

Coconuts are unique because they’re actually considered a fruit-nut-seed, or rather a one-seeded drupe packed full of fiber. Coconuts are tropical, and although coconut palms aren’t native to the US (except Hawaii), it was introduced to the southern part of the country and can now be found in Florida.

Coconuts are easy on the gut and are loaded with fiber that helps you feel satiated. It’s also a great source of iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and vitamin B6. It’s both tasty AND healthy.

Chocolate Fudge

Every chocolate fan knows the king of chocolate is fudge. Fudge is quite literally the icing on the cake. It’s rich taste and texture is both satisfying and soothing. Just one bite and you’re drifting off onto your own little island.

Although the exact origins of fudge are unknown, we do know that fudge was first sold at a grocery store in Baltimore in 1886. Fudge in general is pretty simple to make. Just mix milk, sugar, and butter, and heat it to the proper temperature (240 degrees), then blend in some chocolate, and… VOILA! The end result is a rich, decadent, chocolatey fudge. Today there are several variations and recipes for fudge, each adding distinct flavors. We’re confident you’ll love ours!

The Final Verdict

With soft, velvety chocolate fudge swirling throughout its rich coconut cream, the Coconut Joy Cream Bar is your own tropical paradise. It’s every chocolate-lover’s dream come true!  But, let’s make sure we got this all right. Coconut Joy is:

  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Has no GMO’s
  • Is Light and Creamy
  • Has sweet chocolate
  • Is Low in sugar (just 15g)
  • Is low in calories (just 160)
  • Has 100% exceptional flavor



If you want to experience pure joy, pick up a box or two of these at your nearest carrying grocer today!

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