New Ice Cream Cones: Now Everyone Can Enjoy a Favorite American Treat

New Ice Cream Cones: Now Everyone Can Enjoy a Favorite American Treat

If you ask anyone what their favorite dessert is, more often than not, the response you’ll get is “ice cream.” 

A Billion Dollar Industry

And boy, does America love its ice cream. 

In 2017, the U.S., produced about 1.4 billion gallons of ice cream and other similar frozen treats. Ice cream is an $11 billion industry. And for good reason: It’s just plain GOOD. 

The only problem? Most ice cream and frozen desserts also have dairy in them–something that roughly 65 percent of Americans can’t have.  

Who can deny their child the irresistible taste of ice cream because of their body’s intolerance? When all the neighborhood kids are chasing down the ice cream truck and licking their ice cream cone, your child feels left out.

But not for long!

Introducing Jolly Llama’s newest creation for all our dairy-free and gluten-intolerant friends: 

Ice Cream Cones! 

With two flavors to choose from (Premium Vanilla Fudge Sundae and Caramel Chocolate Chip), these cones are rich with flavor and better than anything you could buy from an ice cream truck.

Premium Vanilla Fudge Sundae

Made from real coconut cream, the Premium Vanilla Fudge Sundae has a rich vanilla base that is cool, creamy, and purely satisfying. With swirls of gooey fudge throughout, and topped with crunchy chocolate chips, you’ll be licking your fingers before you can even get your hands on one. And let’s not forget about the cone which is lined with more chocolate to help you experience a nice, chocolatey crunch with each and every bite. This is a sundae everyone can look forward to!

Caramel Chocolate Chip

You can never go wrong combining caramel and chocolate. And this Caramel Chocolate Chip Cone, was a true match made in heaven! This chocolate-based ice cream is made with real coconut cream and a never-ending flow of golden-brown, smooth, gooey caramel. Topping it off with crisp chocolate chips and wrapped in a delicate fudge-lined cone, this frozen treat is going to knock your socks off. 


These ice cream cones are so yummy that you’ll want to grab a few boxes to keep on hand. They’re the perfect treat to indulge in during the heat of summer to help you cool off, the perfect treat to share at a birthday party or family gathering, or to help you unwind after a long day.  Order yours now or grab some today at a participating grocer near you!

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