The Ultimate Way to Win Their Love this Valentine’s Day

The Ultimate Way to Win Their Love this Valentine’s Day

What do you get when you mix romance, flowers, chocolate, and cards? Well according to research, about $19.6 billion in revenue for companies during the Valentine’s season.  

From roses, jewelry, candy, and dining out, Valentine’s Day has grown into a pretty big deal. But it wasn’t always so “rich”…

A Holiday Is Born

Valentine’s day has been around for centuries. It originated from the Roman festival Lupercalia. Lupercalia festivities celebrated the birth of spring and offered fertility rites by giving women to men through lottery. At the end of the 5th century, Pope Gelasius I later initiated “St. Valentine’s Day” in place of Lupercalia. By the 14th century, St. Valentine’s Day had developed into a celebration of romance.  

As for the name, there are several different legends on where “St. Valentine” came from. Some believe a martyred Christian priest named St. Valentine in 270 CE signed a letter “from your Valentine” while he was imprisoned. Others believe the name originated from a Catholic bishop of Terni named St. Valentine, who is thought to have privately married couples so the men could avoid going to war, against the emperor’s orders. While it’s not clear how the name officially came about, it is clear that many of the “St. Valentines” believed in love.

Valentines in the 21st Century

Cupid, the Roman God of Love, is often found on traditional greeting cards. Greeting cards and official valentine messages didn’t become popular in the United States until the mid-1800s. Since then, this holiday celebrating love and romance has taken off. And it’s not just couples in love celebrating either…

Today, people all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day. Children, friends, and partners alike can still celebrate and enjoy this day together because Valentine’s is about showing your appreciation, love, and affection for anyone you care about.

Ways to Win Their Love

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate those you care for, try some of these fun ideas:

For Children:

  1. Heart Attack: No, we’re not talking about hurting them, but rather, decorate their bedroom doors with a bunch of paper hearts. Write on them reasons you love them. It’s a great surprise for them to wake up to and start their day off right.
  2. Valentines Mailbox: Help your child build a mailbox for their school party when they exchange valentines, or make one for home! Throughout the week, deliver messages to their mailbox about how much they mean to you.
  3. Bake Valentine-Inspired Treats: There’s no shortage of ideas on Pinterest when it comes to this. Plus, the time you spend together is what matters most–memories that last a lifetime.

For Partners:

  1. Prepare Romantic Food: Do you feel like you’re lacking in the “romance department”? Don’t worry, try some of these easy romantic food ideas with your loved one: Crepes, Fondue, anything Italian (going back to the roots of Valentines), Chocolate covered strawberries, etc. For more romantic dinner ideas, click here.
  2. Catch a Chick Flick: Whether it’s at the theater, a Netflix rental, or a movie you’ve had forever, cuddling up with your loved one and enjoying a feel-good movie is always a fun way to rekindle your love.
  3. Get a Couple’s Massage: Sometimes the stress of running a house and family can really make someone (or some partners) pretty tense. Take a night off from the kids and housework and go enjoy a nice, relaxing massage together. Research has shown that a good massage can help relieve anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and pain.

For Friends:

  1. Greeting Cards: Sharing a meaningful and genuine message with your friend can do wonders for a friendship. Try making it original by making your own card. And if you want to make it lighthearted and fun, click here for some hilarious Valentine puns.
  2. Do Some Service: Often we get wrapped up in our own problems that sometimes we forget about others who may be suffering with their own. Be a good friend and reach out. Go to lunch together, offer to watch their kids, shovel their walk, or even send an uplifting text message.
  3. Get a Mani/Pedi: The friends that take care of themselves together, stay together. Ok, so we totally just made that up, but who doesn’t love getting pampered and some girl chat? Enough said.

The Ultimate Affection of Love

Of course if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need something a little more simple, convenient, budget-friendly, and out-of-this-world awesome…we’ll enlighten you with the universal gift that everyone loves: sharing a Strawberry Jolly Llama Sorbet Pop.

Why Strawberry? Because strawberries are the universal fruit of love. They have the Valentine shape and color you’re looking for, are finger-lickin’ good, and and offer a variety of health benefits.

Why Jolly Llama? Because everyone knows that these treats are refreshingly delicious and are a much healthier alternative to any other Valentine’s dessert on the market. They’re made with real fruit, so you know you’re enjoying the real deal, not some random chemicals mixed together.

There’s no better way to show someone how much you care. So find a box (or two.. or three…) at your nearest carrying grocer today!

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