Why Mangos Are Amazingly Good (For You)

Why Mangos Are Amazingly Good (For You)

Ahhhh…the mango. Is there anything that doesn’t taste good with it? When it’s time to savor something tropical and delicious, the main ingredient inevitably comes back to: the mango.

No surprise- People all over the world are fans of this sweet fruit. Mangos originated from South Asia and are actually the national fruit of India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. In fact, legend states that Buddha meditated under the shade of a mango tree. Delicious Enlightenment, anyone?

Super Food Enlightenment

Mangos actually belong to the cashew family. They have a leather-like skin, and a generally sweet taste. Some can be soft like a plum, while others are more firm like an avocado. No matter their size, shape, texture, or how they’re used, one thing can be sure–they’re amazing!

Not only do these exotic fruits taste great, mangos also come packed full of nutrients and key vitamins to promote good health. In just one cup of sliced mangos, you’ll consume almost 100% of the necessary Vitamin C for the day, 35% of Vitamin A, 20% of folate, and roughly 10% of your Vitamin K, Vitamin E, B-6, thiamine, and potassium. The mango also has an abundance of calcium, manganese, magnesium, and iron. They also have traces of zinc and sodium as well. Not to mention it’s a great low calorie snack with around 100 calories and 3 grams of fiber.

Mangos, You and Your Health

Packed with a symphony of the good stuff, mangos are believed to:

Lower Risk of Cancer

Because of their high antioxidant levels, they can help prevent your risk of getting cancer–in particular breast and colon cancer.

Improve Skin
The collagen in mangos helps the elasticity and vibrancy of your skin. This anti-aging benefit can help prevent wrinkles and slow the aging process. Eat them or apply them topically to look your best.

Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Because mangos have no cholesterol in them, you can eat them and feel full, without contributing to your cholesterol. Your desire to eat additional foods will also be suppressed (preventing you from gaining those unwanted pounds…)

In addition, the phytochemicals in mangos influence your body’s fat positively–keeping you healthier from heart-related conditions.

Hypertension often leads to heart problems, but the potassium in mangos helps maintain heart health and prevents hypertension.

Increase Libido

Vitamin E influences a person’s sexual drive. If your Vitamin E levels are balanced, your libido will improve. Research has shown that beta-carotene and Vitamin E (both found in a Mango) can also boost the health of sperm in men.

Improve Cognitive Health
Vitamin B6 promotes a healthy brain by producing neurotransmitters. It’s also useful in treating asthma and premenstrual syndrome.

Help Alkalize the Body
The pH balance in your body can range from 1-14. The ideal balance is 7, so if you’re body is to acidic, eating a mango can help alkalize it. An alkalized body has a lower risk of suffering from chronic pains and illnesses.

Assist Healthy Eyesight
Vitamin A is a key contributor to promoting healthy eyes. A lack of Vitamin A can lead to blindness.

Strengthen Bones
Eating mangos can improve your bone health because of its high content of Vitamins A and C. The collagen in mangos (like we talked about earlier that improves your skin), also contributes to your bone health.

Improve The Digestive System
Mangos are beneficial to helping your digestive system work efficiently. They help reduce the acidity of the stomach, and their high fiber content helps prevent Crohn’s Disease, and other stomach-related disorders.


The list of health benefits in mangos is incredible–just like their taste. Jolly Llama believes in the fruit, the whole fruit and all the power of the fruit- Experience their mouthwatering goodness by trying our Mango Sorbet Pops today! Find a location near you by clicking here.

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