New Sandwiches!!

New Sandwiches!!

For many of us, things have really slowed down over the last two months:

  • No more racing to and from the grocery store every other day…
  • No more cluttered calendars full of soccer games and dance recitals,,. 
  • No more eating out with friends for lunch, or scheduled play dates at the park…


While there have been some real struggles and some definite disadvantages to our new, slower-paced lifestyle, it’s also given many of us some quintessential benefits: a time to reconnect with loved ones near and far, added peace–an opportunity to meditate, ponder, and feel enlightened.

In the chaos of homeschooling and home cooking on a near-daily basis, we’ve managed to find ourselves again. We’ve re-evaluated our priorities. We’ve found new meaning to our lives, and a better balance of time with our families. We’re interacting more, laughing more, and we’re not communicating to our spouse at the dinner table through text. We’re present. We’re truly living in the moment. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling?


Let Jolly Llama help you and your family connect and live in the moment by enjoying a new, delicious creation: Ice Cream Sandwiches! 

Yes! You read that right. The heavens are smiling down on you. You’ve been patient, and you deserve a treat like this! 

These dairy free, gluten-free sandwiches are made from real coconut cream and will satisfy your inner child. With a chunky creamy filling in the middle, and two chocolate wafers to hold it together, your taste buds are sure to come alive with these!

Premium Vanilla

Enjoy a rich, classic ice cream sandwich (guilt-free) with Premium Vanilla. But don’t let its name fool you. Some people consider vanilla bland, or boring, but they haven’t tried this guilty pleasure. Jolly Llama’s Premium Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich is packed full of creamy, rich flavors that will have you forget a pandemic ever hit the world. And just in time for summer, Premium Vanilla is ready to deliver!

Cool Mint Chocolate Chip

Mint lovers all over will fall in love with the refreshing flavor of this yummy Cool Mint Chocolate chip sandwich. Each bite of the creamy mint ice cream is full of delicious, crunchy chocolate chips scattered throughout. Let your tastebuds come alive again with this mouthwatering frozen treat. With only 11 grams of sugar and 160 calories per serving, this treat isn’t just tasty, it’s easy on your health, too. 

At Jolly Llama, we’re always striving to improve and meet our customer’s needs. What better way to do that than creating something new that everyone loves? Enjoy a box or two of our new ice cream sandwiches with your family, and relish in the slower-paced life we now find ourselves in. You can find these online, or at a grocer near you. What flavor are YOU most looking forward to trying?

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